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Pony Core Conditioning Saddle Pad and Band System in Universal / General Purpose Style.


Saddle Pad Sizing:

Suitable for saddles 14 / 15 / 16 inch seat.


Balance Band Sizing:

Bands suit small to large ponies and cobs up to 15hh.

Bands are fully adjustable.



HY Active GP Saddle Pad

2 x PREMIUM Balance Bands - 1 x abdominal band, 1 x hind quarters band.

eBook Manual

Storage Bag


Premium Bands:

Premium bands are designed exclusively for Equine Balance Bands. Trialled and tested internationally - premium bands are the proffessionals choice. Developed specifically for equestrian use in collaboration with veterinary and physiotherapy providers they support and follow the movement of the horse providing optimum neuro muscular stimulation. They can be distinguished by the Equine Balance Band registered mark.


The Equine Balance Band Guarantee:

Equine Balance Bands are proud of the quality, accessibility and affordability of their products. Any customer who feels that they may need replacement bands within 6 months of purchase may approach Equine Balance Bands for a complementary product.

Pony Universal Band System PREMIUM

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