Frequently Asked Questions

What size saddle pad should I select?

Select Full size for saddles 16 / 17 / 18 inch seat.

Full size bands suit horses up to 17.2hh or rug size 7'.


Select Small size for saddles 14 / 15 inch seat.

Small size bands suit ponies up to 13.3hh or rug size 5'3".


XXL Bands available on request for horses greater than 17.2hh.

Use the contact form to confirm XL before placing order.

Which model is best for me?

The complete kit has a generously designed saddle pad, designed to suit a wide variety of saddle types. The pad is designed to be tucked into the gullet of the saddle so that there is not pressure on the spine, in this position the saddle pad is suitable for the majority of high withered horses. The saddle pad is designed to be deeper than a regular G.P. saddle cloth, this ensures optimum placement of the hind quarter band.
If your horse has exceptionally high withers or has a very round barrel (e.g. show cob / gypsy cob type), the contour plus saddle pad has extra wither and barrel contour to cater for these shapes. 
The dressage pad is straight cut and complements dressage saddles.
The sport pad is for very forward cut saddles. The bands attach higher up than in the complete or dressage models. This arrangement can suit many finer boned animals but is usually unsuitable for heavier built animals or animals with a larger barrel as the bands may fit in a higher position than recommended.
How do I fit the bands?
Access the fitting guide here.
Access the video, fitting Equine Balance Bands here.
For further advice or information email Equine Balance Bands here to arrange a virtual fitting.