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Equine Balance - Leading the Field in Magnetic Therapy for Horses

The only magnetic therapy product for horses  on the market that comes with a complete guide to using therapeutic magnets. Learn how to apply specially selected, high grade therapy magnets to the body quickly and easily with the FREE print guide 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' included with all Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy products. 


What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy, also known as magnetic field therapy, is the application of a magnetic field to the body using a magnetic device to help boost overall health, increase mobility or reduce the sensation of pain or discomfort.

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Which Horses can Benefit from Magnetic Therapy?

benefits of magnetic therapy for horses
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The Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy System

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Equine Balance magnetic therapy products for horses use a combination of slight supportive compression (from the garment) in combination with a calculated therapeutic dosage of magnetic field (from the magnets) to help provide natural relief from a range of problems associated with pain, swelling, muscle tension and lack of mobility.


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Therapeutic strength magnetic field



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Using the Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy System it is possible to control the placement, strength, size and direction of the magnetic field on the body and thus to deliver a more targeted magnetic therapy treatment than is possible using traditional magnetic therapy products.  

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3 Key Factors can Influence the Effectiveness of a Magnetic Therapy Treatment


Proximity of the magnets to the body

Magnets should be positioned as close as possible to the skin. When a magnet is sewn into padded boots or clothing it is separated from the body. Even a small gap between the magnet and the body can cause the magnetic field strength to drop below a therapeutic value resulting in an ineffective application.

Placing magnets within thin and flexible protective sleeves ensures that they are in close contact with the body and that the magnetic field reaches the skin at a therapeutic intensity

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Position of the magnets on the body

Magnets that are applied over specific regions of the body such as pain points, acupoints or areas of stiffness and swelling may induce greater therapeutic benefits over magnets that are stitched into rugs and boots in predetermined, set positions. By placing the magnet over a specific area of anatomy the magnetic field can be directed towards the target tissue at a greater therapeutic intensity. 

Equine Balance therapy magnets can be re-positioned quickly and easily by sticking them to the breathable, velcro receptive lining of the rug and boots. 

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Magnetic Field Strength and Penetration Depth

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Therapy magnets should emit a magnetic field that penetrates the body at a therapeutic strength and has sufficient depth to reach the target tissue.

Gauss Strength

Magnet field strength is expressed in gauss (G). Therapeutic magnetic devices used for pain relief typically generate magnetic fields that have a surface gauss reading of 110- 5,000G*. 

A higher gauss value indicates a higher strength magnetic field at the surface of the magnet.

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To determine the potential therapeutic value of a magnet both gauss strength and penetration depth should be evaluated.

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Penetration depth is important if you want to deliver a targeted treatment to a certain area of the body. The magnet should emit a magnetic field that spans the entire distance from the surface of the skin to the target tissue.

The size, shape, grade of magnetic material and polarity of the magnet must be considered in addition to surface gauss strength to determine the penetration depth of the therapy magnet.

All Equine Balance therapy magnets conform to the highest therapeutic specification. Magnets are manufactured from high grade N42 Neodymium, have marked polarity and are available in 3 different sizes. Magnets can be positioned in multiple arrangements on the magnetic conducting strip to generate field surface strengths of between 2,000 - 3,600G with a penetration depth between 280 - 420mm.

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Penetration Depth


Select a magnet


Choose either a large or medium size magnet - Magnet choice will depend upon the area of the body that you want to target.

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  • Large magnets have a detectable range of 420mm and are suitable for application over areas of the body that require deep penetration - such as the deep muscle layers of the neck and back, bony prominences of the spine and joints connecting the axial skeleton (such as the sacroiliac joint).

  • Medium magnets have a detectable range of between 280mm and 340mm and are applied close to the surface of the skin over areas of the body requiring medium depth of penetration - such as the bones, tendons and ligaments of the lower limb and hoof and superficial muscle layers of the neck and trunk.

Deeper areas of anatomy require a larger magnet 

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(Optional) Adjust the Magnet Position on the Conducting Strip

  • Use the magnets in a bipolar arrangement (standard configuration) to provide a high depth of magnetic field penetration to the body.


All Equine Balance products come ready to use - configured to emit magnetic fields of therapeutic size and strength in accordance with industry guidelines. Magnets can be applied to the body using the standard bipolar configuration (as supplied), or the magnet position and polarity can be adjusted to alter the magnetic field size, strength, direction and direction to achieve enhanced effects.

In a bipolar configuration either the North pole or South pole of the magnet is presented to the body. The North pole of the therapy magnet is indicated by a dimple in the North face.

Bipolar arrangement

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  • Use the magnetic therapy guidebook to discover how to arrange the magnets in a multipolar configuration.

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In a multipolar configuration both the North and South magnetic poles are presented to the body.

  • A multipolar configuration may be more effective when used to target more superficial layers of body tissue and has the potential to induce different therapeutic outcomes.

Multipolar arrangement

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  • Insert the conducting strips into the flexible sleeves and affix to the rug, boots or pastern wraps in the desired location.

Place the Magnets Over the Target Tissue 

As near to the target tissue as possible, for example over the pain point, swelling or site of injury.

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   Targeted treatment: Therapy boots applied to the lower limb to reduce lymphatic swelling


Spaced out evenly in the rug and boots to provide a full body treatment.

 The magnets can be positioned either:

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   General treatment: Magnets positioned along the length of the rug over the long back muscles.

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Which Magnetic Therapy Product is Best for my Horse?

Designed to support musculoskeletal health, enhance circulation in the lower limb and help maintain joint mobility.

What is Included?

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Light weight, quilted stable boots that extend over the coronary band with 36 high grade neodymium magnets for complete magnetic field coverage of the lower limb and hoof.

  • 1     Pair of light weight and breathable stable boots

  • 36  N42 Neodymium therapy magnets

  • 6    Magnetic field conducting strips

  • 6   Flexible magnet pouches

  • Magnetic Therapy Tool Kit and Accessories

  • 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' Book

  • Storage Bag

A high-performance magnetic therapy rug for horses that is light weight and breathable - suitable for both overnight and for travel use. The rug features padded wither protection, anti-rub shoulder panels, cross 

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Designed to support musculoskeletal health and aid in the management of symptoms associated with muscle tension pain and stiffness.

surcingles and elasticated leg straps. The rug features an extended front closure fastening system ensuring a comfortable fit for horses of all chest sizes. 

What is Included?

  • 1     Light weight and breathable rug with receptive liner

  • 72  N42 Neodymium therapy magnets including 12 extra large magnets with extended penetration depth

  • 8    Large magnetic field conducting strips

  • 8    Large flexible magnet pouches

  • Magnetic Therapy Tool Kit and Accessories

  • 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' Book

  • Storage Bag

Provides extended magnetic field coverage of the body, neck and poll. Features 2 elasticated fasteners that provide unrestricted neck movement and allow the neck cover to be attached and removed with ease from the Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy Rug.

What is Included?

  • 1     Light weight and breathable neck cover with receptive liner

  • 40  N42 Neodymium therapy magnets including 4 extra large magnets with extended penetration depth

  • 4    Large magnetic field conducting strips

  • 4    Large flexible magnet pouches

  • Thermometer

  • Magnetic Shielding Discs

  • 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' Book

  • Storage Bag

Therapeutic pastern wraps featuring high grade neodymium magnets provide support and protection to the lower limb.

Equine Balance magnetic therapy pastern wraps are suitable for turnout and stable use. They can be positioned as required above or below the fetlock to provide support and protection of the lower limb and assist in the management 

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What is Included?

  • 2     Lightly padded, supportive pastern wraps

  • 20  N42 Neodymium therapy magnets 

  • 2    Magnetic field conducting strips

  • 2    Large flexible magnet pouches

  • 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' Book

  • Storage Bag

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All products contain premium quality therapeutic strength magnets that are configured to emit a magnetic field of high therapeutic strength that provides complete coverage over the application area.

All products come with 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' a detailed guide about the effective use of Equine Balance therapy magnets, including guidance about how to select magnets to target different types of body tissue.

All product components are detachable from the lining of the rug, neck cover, boots and pastern wraps - allowing for easy cleaning by machine or hand wash without damage to the magnetic components.

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Equine Balance  -  Targeted Magnetic Therapy for Horses

With Equine Balance moveable therapy magnets it is possible to apply both a whole body and targeted treatment using high grade N42 neodymium magnets.

  • Magnets can be positioned anywhere within the rug, boots and pastern wraps, and the properties of the magnetic field such as its strength, direction and gradient can be easily adjusted to effectively target a specific area of anatomy.

  • This is achieved by applying the high grade therapeutic magnets to the body using a combination of lightweight moveable magnet sleeves that allow close contact with the body and by positioning the magnets onto specially designed magnetic field conducting strips.

  • Combining the therapeutic strength magnetic field with the supportive rug, boots or pastern wraps enables treatment to be applied easily and without fuss to the specific region of the horse's body where it is required.   

Moveable N42 neodymium magnets - light weight & powerful

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Magnetic Conducting Strips

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Magnets attach easily to rug, boots and pastern wraps

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A thermometer is supplied with products as an additional extra because body temperature monitoring can be a useful way to identify signs of change in the body tissue or to monitor improvements in health.


Static magnetic fields of therapeutic intensity (like those produced by Equine Balance Magnetic products) do not generate heat and are safe for prolonged and continuous use on the body. 

Use of a thermometer can assist owners to monitor and maintain their horses body temperature at a comfortable level whilst wearing rugs and boots.

LCD Thermometer

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Attach the removeable LCD thermometer to the magnetic conducting strip and position it anywhere on the magnetic therapy rug, neck cover or boots 

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Inflammation can be accompanied by an increase in skin temperature, and chronic pain / poor circulation conditions can be accompanied by a decrease in skin temperature. A thermometer can be used to measure heat signals from the body and so help to identify signs of change or improvement. 


Magnetic Field Shield

Magnetic Shielding Discs direct the magnetic field towards the body, reducing wastage and providing a more concentrated application over the target tissue.

  • Most magnetic therapy product providers do not implement magnetic shielding techniques. This means that in excess of 50% of the magnetic field emitted from each therapy magnet does not reach the body.

  • Placing a magnetic field shield over the magnet results in less of the magnetic field 'escaping' into free space above the magnet by channelling the path travelled by the magnetic field towards the body.

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Magnetic Shield 

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The magnetic field is able to penetrate the body deeper and with greater therapeutic intensity.

How it Works

Illustration A: Unshielded Magnet

In excess of 50% of the magnetic field is emitted into free space

Illustration B: Magnet with Shield

The magnetic field is directed towards the body with increased penetration depth and strength


A guide to the safe and efficient use of therapy magnets including advice on fitting, use and product care. The book addresses the following frequently asked questions about magnetic therapy:

  •  What is magnetic therapy?

  • How do magnetic fields work?

  • Where should I position therapy magnets?

  • Does polarity matter?

  • Do magnetic fields generate heat?​

'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy'

Included FREE with all Equine Balance Magnetic therapy products

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Preview content from 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy' (included with all Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy products) BELOW: 

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How Do Magnetic Fields Work?

Magnetic fields originate from the motion of charged particles. In a magnet it is the unified alignment of tiny charged electrons within the material's atoms that create a magnetic field around the magnet.

Magnets not only have the power to induce motion in other objects by the force of attraction, but they also influence electrical activity and can catalyse certain chemical reactions!

2 Sept 23 inc pics (31).png
2 Sept 23 inc pics (31).png

How Do Magnetic Fields Work on the Body?

The body is (like all things in existence) inherently electro magnetic because it is formed from atoms which consist of tiny sub atomic particles that have a motion and a charge.

When a magnetic field penetrates the body it interacts with the tissues at a cellular and anatomical level and has the potential to stimulate increased mechanical, electrical and chemical activity within the body.

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Magnet Strength, Size and Polarity Explained

  • Not all magnets produce magnetic fields of equal qualities.

  • The materials from which a magnet are made in combination with the magnets size and polarity create differences in the characteristics of the magnetic field which can potentially influence the effectiveness of the magnetic therapy treatment.

Magnet Strength

It is important to evaluate both the chemical composition and grade of magnet when comparing 2 magnets. The 3 most common types of material used in therapy magnets are summarised by the illustration. 

Note that magnets formed from each material are also assigned a grade according to their strength.

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Compared to other magnetic materials neodymium magnets are not only stronger but also lighter in weight. However, the manufacturing costs associated with production can be higher. If manufacturers are looking to save money they may opt to use ceramic (also named ferrite or iron) magnets instead.

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Surface Gauss Strength Explained

  • The surface gauss strength measurement of a magnet in isolation is not a reliable indication of the overall power or penetration depth of the magnetic field? 

  • To determine the overall strength, one must also consider the size of the magnet.

Why is surface gauss strength a misleading indication of overall magnetic field strength?

Surface gauss strength is a measurement of magnetic field strength at the mid-point of a magnet and it is dependent upon the magnets dimensional ratio. This means that 2 magnets of different size that are made from the same material and have the same dimension ratio will have the same surface gauss reading - even though the larger magnet is more powerful and its magnetic field can penetrate the body to a greater depth.

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Observe caution when assessing the power of a therapeutic device using surface gauss strength alone!

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Therapy Magnet Application

The magnetic field strength is highest at the surface of the magnet

All magnets and magnetic devices produce the strongest magnetic field at their surface and the strength of the magnetic field decreases rapidly with increased distance from the magnet.

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Magnets should be positioned as close as possible to the skin to ensure that the magnetic field enters the body at the desired therapeutic intensity

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The magnetic field of most types of therapy magnet can only delivery a field strength of therapeutic intensity to the body when applied in direct or close contact to the skin.


This diagram illustrates some 2000G magnets applied to the body. The magnets on the left are applied in close contact to the skin and deliver a magnetic field strength of close to 2000G to the body. The magnets on the right are sewn into a pad and so are separated from the body by a gap of 1cm. When separated from the body by only small gap the magnetic field reaches the body at a much reduced strength - in this instance it is close to only  250G!

A common problem in equine therapy products is that the magnets are sewn into rugs or boots and are therefore separated from the body by the surrounding padding. Magnets that are sewn into padded clothing may be positioned too far away from the body to have any therapeutic effect!

Does Polarity Matter?

Bipole magnets have a North and South pole at opposite ends of the magnet. Does it matter whether the North or South pole points towards the body? Find out more in 'The Essential Guide to Equine Magnetic Therapy'. FREE with all Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy products!

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Have you wondered about the difference between bipole and multipole magnets? Discover more with Equine Balance  

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Fitting and Sizing Advice

All Equine Balance products have been designed to conform to traditional UK rug and boot measurement guidelines. Use the international size comparison table to determine the best fit for your horse if shopping from outside of the Uk.

Magnetic Rug Fitting and Sizing Guidelines


Equine Balance magnetic horse rugs measure 'true to size'. The rug features 2 highly adjustable chest fastening straps enabling the rug to fit a variety of chest sizes.


New Zealand

Australia,  Europe,  United Kingdom,  United States

- Fit most horses 15.3hh +

 - Fit most horses and ponies between 14hh - 15.3hh

- Fit most horses and cobs with chunky legs or feather

Horse Height (Hands)_20240502_143139_0000.png

Equine Balance magnetic horse boots come in 3 sizes:

Magnetic Boots Fitting and Sizing Guidelines


Cannon Bone Circumference

Boot length (bottom point to top point of boot)

Magnetic (8).png
Magnetic (9).png

Magnetic Pastern Wraps Fitting Advice

Equine Balance magnetic pastern wraps are UNIVERSAL size.

Fit in pairs. Suitable for use on fore and hind limbs.

Suitable for turnout use (good ground), and when bands are used to help manage symptoms associated with poor lymphatic drainage.

Suitable for stable use, and to support healthy hoof, suspensory, pastern and fetlock function.

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To clean the product remove the magnets and wash either by hand or on a gentle cycle.

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All Equine Balance Products are covered under warranty for 1 year from date of purchase.

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Untitled design (88).png

Magnetic therapy is not a substitute for proper veterinary care.

If either you or the horse have an implanted device or under lying medical condition check suitability with your attending medical or veterinary practitioner before commencing treatment.

Do not apply over areas of broken skin, open wounds or areas of acute injury or inflammation.