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What are Equine Balance Rewards?


Equine Balance Rewards are designed to benefit and thank those who support Equine Balance by using our products and recommending us to friends family and followers.


The 3 reward types are:

  • Monthly Free Entry Competitions

  • Brand Ambassador Rewards

  • Special Offers

Monthly Competitions

Each month Equine Balance run a competition to win free goodies. Prizes are available from all Equine Balance product categories:

  • Balance Bands 

  • Balance Bridles

  • Magnetic Therapy Products

Enter this Months Competition HERE

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Become an Equine Balance Brand Ambassador

Most people hear about Equine Balance from friends, family and social media influencers who have tried and recommend Equine Balance products.

Those who support Equine Balance, either by using Equine Balance products, telling friends and family about us, or sharing content to social media can become an ambassador and collect free rewards.

  • Ambassadors receive free credit to spend in store

  • Friends, family and followers receive special offers, money off discount and the opportunity to access a range of free training tools and resources

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Equine Balance would like to thank and reward supporters by introducing Brand Ambassador Rewards


Let us know your details below and we will send you a send a free welcome pack with more details about Equine Balance Rewards!

Please check your inbox

How Do Brand Ambassador Rewards Work? 

   To start collecting rewards complete the form and click submit

  Check your inbox and follow the link to activate your unique reward code.

Rewards can be redeemed at anytime against  all Equine Balance product(s) including:

  • Equine Balance Bands & Accessories

  • Equine Balance Bridles & Accessories

  • Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy Products


Submit the form and receive your first reward points


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Reward Points 

1 reward point = £1 to spend in store

  • Collect reward points for completing different actions such as sharing a social post or referring a friend


  • Reward points can be redeemed at any time and used on any Equine Balance product


  • Reward points can be redeemed in store for FREE Equine Balance products or used to get money off the RRP


Free with 18 Points


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RRP £18


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Free with 34 Points


RRP £34


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Free with 75 Points


RRP £75


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Track Reward Points Using the Brand Ambassador Reward Portal

To access the reward portal submit the form above and follow the steps in the confirmation email to activate your unique link and reward code.

Once you have created a password - you can access the ambassador portal HERE and access all features:

  • Customise your create your own unique links

  • Monitor and track your referrals 

  • View your reward points

  • Access official Equine Balance marketing content

  • Share competitions

  • Redeem points for store credit

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Login to your account HERE


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Quick Guide to Navigating the Reward Portal 

The Home Page:

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  • Access the site menu

  • Customise and share your unique referral link

  • Customise and share your unique coupon code

Every time you refer a friend, family or social media follower be sure to use your unique link and share your coupon code

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The Marketing Tools Page:

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  • Create your own custom links for any website page or product HERE

Send follows straight to a specific website page - such as a competition

  • Paste the website URL HERE

  • Share your custom link on social media and TRACK your results using our analytics tools

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Share eye catching content from the Equine Balance Media Library with friends and followers 

  • Check here for media connected to competitions, sales and all products

Other Pages:

  • Check out the Analytics Page to find out which links get the most clicks

  • Click Transactions and Payments to view reward status and payouts

  • Select Log Out to leave the reward portal

More About Reward Points

   Reward points can be redeemed at anytime by emailing with your name and request to exchange points for store credit.

   Points can be used to purchase items in store for free or used to discount higher priced products.

Hints & Tips for Success

Sharing interesting and engaging content is the key to reaching a wider audience.

Posts that people click on, comment about and share tend to be given more exposure on social media. Here are a few tips to ensure social media success!

Make it Interesting!

  • What topics motivate, inspire or excite your followers?

  • Could you show case an interesting exercise?

  • Ask for an opinion or pose a question to boost engagement

  • Have you got a successful rehab story to tell?

Asking a question or asking for an opinion encourages people to engage


A bold title & clear image


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ARROW 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Specify the action


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Highlight your custom link


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Tell people what it is about 


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Make it easy for people to take action

  • Each post should have one clear goal

  • Include a clickable link that takes users DIRECTLY to the point of topic 

  • Use the 'marketing tools' section in the ambassador portal to create specific links that are trackable to your account

Convey a clear message

  • Is your post about a sale or competition?

  • Are you demonstrating how to use or fit a product?

Use a clear title and subject


  • Highlight the most important points in the comments

Include a few key words and hash tags to help your target audience discover your post

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Emojis and bullet points

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Extra Rewards

Each month the top performing ambassadors will be sent a selection of products from the Equine Balance range to trial and review on social media and will feature on the Equine Balance website and social media pages.

  • To qualify be sure to use a clickable custom link in your posts or bio to track audience engagement 

  • To view the number of link clicks that your post generates visit the 'home page' and 'analytics page' in your brand ambassador portal

How to Claim Reward Points

  • Reward points are added to your account automatically with every successful referral (When a friend, family member or follower uses your discount code).

  • Reward points are visible immediately in the brand ambassador portal

  • To claim set value reward points you will need to notify Equine Balance by social media or email whenever one of your posts, stories or reels meets the criteria below.

  • Equine Balance will manually add reward points to your account and they will be visible in the brand ambassador portal within 3 working days.

  • To receive 5 award points a post or reel must generate 10+ link clicks and 10+ comments - Link clinks and comments must be from 10 different followers. Clicks can be tracked using the ambassador portal, and comments can be viewed underneath each social post. If your post qualifies, notify Equine Balance by email or social media to have the award points added to your account.

  •  To receive 5 award points for referring others to join brand ambassadors rewards -  friends, family members or social media users must join using your unique referral link. Direct new ambassadors to the brand ambassador reward page using a unique link by copying and pasting the URL below into the 'generate link' box on the 'marketing tools' page in the ambassador portal.

To qualify for reward points 10 different followers must click through to the brand ambassador portal using your link. Clicks can be tracked using the ambassador portal. If your account records 10 link clicks to the brand ambassador page contact Equine Balance by email or social media to have the award points added to your account.

When you want to exchange your reward points for a credit voucher to spend in store contact Equine Balance 

Contact Equine Balance

Click to connect

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