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Magnetic Therapy Boots by Equine Balance


Magnetic therapy for horses is simple and easy to apply using the Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy range.

4 large and powerful multipolar magnets can be applied to the horse's lower limb where needed by attaching them in the required location and orientation to the Equine Balance Therapy Boot.


Magnetic therapy is a non invasive, drug free method used to promote healing, boost circulation, and support joint mobility. It is proposed that the body cells respond positively to the magnetic field emitted by therapy magnets promoting optimal conditions for cellular processes and healing. Placing magnets in close proximity to the surface of the skin can help the body to maintain health and well being.


•    Every day as part of the horses’ daily routine for maintaining limb and joint health.
•    For veterans or horses who are stiff, have arthritic joints or limited mobility. 
•    Under veterinary guidance for rehabilitation and recovery following treatment for lower limb and hoof issues and conditions.
•    To reduce filled legs and encourage circulation and lymphatic function.
•    When turn out is limited, for horses standing in, over night, on box rest or during travel.


About the Boots:

Equine Balance Therapy Boots are light weight and breathable - comfortable and durable enough to be used whilst travelling or over night in the stable. They are contoured to fit comfortably around the cannon bone, tendons, fetlock and pastern - providing coverage from hoof to knee or hock for both fore and hind limbs. Use of the boots can alleviate the need for bandages and so reduce the risk of constriction and pressure to the lower limbs and tendons. 
Magnets can be positioned as required to target the shin, splint, tendon, fetlock, pastern or coronary band area. The coronary band is rich in  blood vessels that nourish the hoof and is often neglected in other therapy boots. Therefore by positioning the magnets over the coronary band the user is also able to target structures associated with hoof function and support.


About the Magnets:

Each light weight yet powerful magnet is formed from 2600G magnetic material and emits a magnetic field reaching 90mm from the magnets surface. Presenting both North and South poles to the body in alteration produces a steep magnetic field gradient which is believed to increase the rate of efficacy compared to traditional bipolar magnets.

The Equine Balance Therapy Magnets are inserted into the detachable, flexible sleeves - allowing the magnets to sit close to the skin, positioned in the required location. Using the protective sleeves allows both the rug and magnet holders to be washed easily when required.


Each Set Contains:

•    2 x Equine Balance Therapy Boots
•    Equine Balance Therapy Magnets X4
•    Detachable Magnet Holders X4
•    Storage Bag


Cob or Full




The Equine Balance Guarantee:
Equine Balance Bands are proud of the quality, accessibility and affordability of their products which are guaranteed for 1 year from date of date of purchase.

Avoid handling magnets if you have a pacemaker, implanted medical device or medical condition which could be affected by the magnetic field. Unsuitable for use on undiagnosed conditions, without veterinary recommendation, during pregnancy or on open or untreated wounds.

Store in a cool dry place away from magnet sensitive devices.

Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy Boots

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