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Equine Balance Anatomical Bridle with Plain Cavesson Noseband.

A beautiful soft leather bridle without the flash strap provides a simple and elegant alternative to traditional style anatomical bridles.

The smooth contoured shape at the front of the nose helps to alleviate rubbing at the facial crest and eliminates pressure on the infraorbital foramen of the skull - the exit point of sensitive facial nerves. The unique backwards orientation of the rear noseband strap provides relief in the area of the horse's premolars - unlike traditional style nosebands which can compress sensitive tissue in this area.


* Anatomical design avoids sensitive facial nerves helping to relieve issues associated with head shaking, over bending and inconsistent outline.

* Gel padded head piece, nose and brow help to dissipate pressure and reduce rubbing. 
* Unique features make the bridle easy to fit for bit sensitive or head shy horses - make bit or browband changes in seconds without removing the bridle.

* Choice of diamonte or plain raised browband. Additionally, there is an option to purchase the bridle with both styles of browband.

* Cheek pieces are supplied with optional clips and can be either clipped or buckled to the bridle. There is an option to purchase additional cheek pieces for horses that require a quick bit change between disciplines.  

* Custom size bridle parts are available free of charge.





Please note that bridles can be supplied to fit from 13hh to 18hh.


The bridle can be custom made to your requirements. Use the comments section to let us know your horse's height, breed and  current bridle size (PONY/ COB/ FULL/ X-FULL) along with any special requirements such as a smaller or larger browband / noseband / head piece / cheekpieces etc.

Custom bridles are dispatched next day by express delivery.

If any size changes are required simply return the bridle part along with your request for a smaller of larger size and Equine Balance will exchange it for free.


If you are unsure about your horse's size requirements please get in touch by phone, text message, Watsapp or e-mail for assistance.


Below is an example of a custom size bridle:

COB size bridle with FULL size browband and PONY size noseband.


Equine Balance Anatomical Cavesson Bridle

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