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Premium Quality Resistance Band Lunging Strap in Universal Size.


Unique and durable latex free lunging band alleviates the problems of slipping or deformity common in current fabric based clip-on lunging band products. The specially formulated texture of the band is designed to provide optimum sensory stimulation to encourage limb and body position sense awarness and to encourage engagment of the hind quarters.


  • Suitable for Lunging and Riding
  • Snap Clip Fastenings
  • Universal size -fully adjustable from XS to XL


The Equine Balance Band Guarantee:

Equine Balance Bands are proud of the quality, accessibility and affordability of their products. Any customer who feels that they may need replacement bands within 6 months of purchase may approach Equine Balance Bands for a complementary product.


Equine Balance Bands Clip-on Lunging Strap

£21.00 Regular Price
£18.00Sale Price
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