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Are Equine Balance Bands Suitable for my Horse?

Bands can be used for general conditioning, therapy purposes and rehabilitation.

Based on human sports medicine practices and controlled range of motion exercises in pilates based exercise programs, Equine Balance Bands have been designed to help your horse engage his core and develop his body position sense awareness.

By encouraging the horse to work over the back and to step under the centre of gravity, the horse develops increased top line condition and many problems that are created by weakness or natural crookedness are greatly improved. This alleviates the need to deploy forceful or fixed methods that attempt to hold the horse into a particular frame, direction or outline and results in improved comfort and soundness.

Resistance band training can be used in a wide range of activities from work in hand, to lunging and long reining, under saddle, over poles and whilst hacking.

The Equine Core Conditioning System has been developed for use with many different types of horse and can be incorporated into both general and rehabilitative training regimes.

Examples of horses that have benefited from the system include sport horses, young horses, ex race horses, and horses rehabilitating from kissing spines, stifle weakness or sacroiliac discomfort.


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