The Principle of Neuromuscular Activation

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Balance Bands provide a light continuous physical stimulation to encourage engagement of the hind quarters and activate the deep core muscles that support the spine. 



Developing dynamic stability of supporting musculature and increasing body awareness and joint position sense can have a beneficial effect by reducing the risk of pain and injury associated with joint instability and hollowing of the back.

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Equine Balance Bands
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More About Equine Balance Bands

Equine Balance Bands are the only UK company who design saddle pads exclusively for resistance band training. The Equine Balance Band ergonomically contoured saddle pad, is specially designed to minimize rubbing and alleviate spinal pressure.

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Equine Balance Bands are designed and accredited by veterinary, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation specialists in the equestrian field in collaboration with skilled trades people in the manufacturing industry. The result is a durable and quality crafted product effective for equestrian training and rehabilitative application. 
Equine Balance Bands offer express delivery at checkout, a virtual fitting service and free replacement bands for qualifying purchases.
We hope you get the most out of your training experience with Equine Balance Bands and invite you to access additional training information, and connect with other users by joining the Equine Balance Bands Facebook Group.